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Covid-19: The Coronavirus Outbreak | Is It End of The World


 There is currently no cure or vaccine to cure or prevent it.
COVID-19: Effect on the world

Today, we are going to discuss the very sensitive and current topic that already spread in the world called COVID-19. The Coronavirus outbreak is an ongoing global pandemic that originated in Wuhan, China. It has affected people in around 188 countries and districts. 

It was characterized as a pandemic by WHO on 11 March 2020. Europe is considered the current epicenter of the outbreak. It is a respiratory disease, and spreads in a way similar to influenza, via respiratory droplets by coughing. 

There is currently no cure or vaccine to cure or prevent it. The symptoms are dry cough, fever, and shortness of breath. President Trump has been calling it ‘The Chinese Virus.’

Affected people are quarantined and self-isolation is imposed on them for 14 days and treated with antivirals. Countries are forced to close shops, malls, and other public places, with Italy having to go on lockdown. There have been many deaths. Some people have recovered, however. 

💥Current Situation in the World:

The pandemic has caused the collapse of economies as well as worldwide panic. Travel restrictions have been imposed by all countries around the globe. Quarantines, curfews, event cancellations and facility closures have taken place. The Chinese province of Hubei has been quarantined. 

Spain has been quarantined, whilst China and South Korea have implemented curfew measured. Schools and universities have been closed in at least 61 countries. Whilst there have been some reports of Israel being close to a breakthrough in developing a vaccine, there has been no confirmation or denial by them as to whether these reports are true or not. 

Many countries have declared a state of emergency to control the spread of the epidemic. Early detection and timely intervention by the governments have limited the number of cases in every country.

The only way to prevent it is by washing hands frequently and using alcohol-based sanitizers on hands as well as surfaces in houses. Avoiding contact with people and only stepping out of houses if absolutely necessary. Wearing masks if dealing with sick people. Cough or sneeze in your elbows and wash hands after touching surfaces that haven’t been sanitized.

After the initial outbreak, many conspiracy theories were published in various online sites, ranging from the virus being a bio-weapon by China to its being a population control scheme or the result of a spy operation. 

Other things that Due to lack of right information, You should know about official helpline number, The WHO actually created a direct WHO 24/7 myth-busting hotline and basically there its communication and social media teams have been monitoring and responding to misinformation through its website and social media pages. 

We are at a present way better equipped to deal with a pandemic globally than at any other time in the past. SARS, MERS or Ebola, we have globally been able to contain all these diseases due to worldwide cooperation and because of the development of technology that equips us to deal with all this faster. 

Scientists and researchers are saying that they are weeks away from a possible cure and that a vaccine could be available in the markets by as early as 2021. Though still being a year away, it is still faster than possible. For now, we just need to be careful and stay safe inside homes.

In the US, vaccine trials have been started. It’s kept anonymous for now though. Moderna is the company that has started these trials and is recruiting people for the trials through this link:

These trials have been skipping the usual animal tests to hurry up the production of the vaccine. And in several countries, affected people are given a combination of Antivirals and antimalarials and people have been cured. Though not foolproof, these drugs have been able to cure people. The US govt. has funded two vaccine development projects one by Sanofi and one by Johnson & Johnson.

If we all work together and be more considerate towards the world, we can contain this pandemic before it gets any worse. We need to stay inside our homes to not cause it to spread further. If we realize the dangerousness of the current situation, only then can we be able to control and deal with this crisis. 

At present, containment measures have worked in controlling this outbreak. And if we keep taking it seriously, we can eradicate this disease altogether.

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