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Facts About Hollywood: You Should Know It

Few Things about Hollywood:

One for film, one for music and one for television.
Hollywood Facts

Today, we will discuss valuable information about Hollywood and you should know it. Hollywood is not as glamorous as it looks. Many actors have been pulled to the dark side of the industry and it was next to impossible to come out of that.

šŸ’„Let us look at some of the facts of Hollywood:

1) Charlie Chaplin, an icon of the early 20th century used his own money for the production of the film that mocked Hitler as Hollywood was scared to lose money if they took a stand.

2) During the 1930s, Hollywood allowed the German government to censor movies unflattering about Germany or the Nazis in the US and around the world.

3) Whoopi Goldberg chooses her stage name, not just as a reference to a Whoopee Cushion, but also because her mother thought “Goldberg” was Jewish-sounding enough to make it in Hollywood. 

4) The first Hollywood film to be made was' In Old California,' in 1910. This was a short film made in 17 minutes by legendary director D. W. Griffith, who also took care of the revolutionary' Birth Of A Country.'

5) According to H's diary J. Whitley, known as the "Father of Hollywood," stood on a hill overlooking the valley on his honeymoon in 1886. A Chinese man came along in a wood carrying wagon. 

The man got out of the vehicle and bowed. The Chinese man was asked what he was doing and replied, "I holly-wood," meaning' holding wood.' HJ Whitley had an epiphany and chose to name his own.

6)  Frank Sinatra has three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. One for film, one for music and one for television. 

7) Thousands of light bulbs illuminated the Hollywood-sign in the 1920s and the man who replaced the burnt ones stayed in a small cabin close to the sign.

8) The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel first hosted the inaugural Academy Awards or Oscars in 1929. 270 guests attended this relatively comfortable banquet. That night, only 15 distinct awards were given. In true Hollywood fashion though, there was an after-party even back then.

9) In 1904, Hollywood voters voted to prohibit the selling of alcohol in the town by a margin of 113 to 96, except for medical purposes.

10) Legendary Hollywood producer Hal Roach would hire someone who was either a mad person or a drunk named a "wildie" to sit in the room of his authors and spread insane ideas if they had the block of the novel. 

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