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Feminism In Reality: What Does Feminism Mean Today?

First of all, What is Humanism? 

Modern humanism also includes science.
Feminism Mean Today
Today, we are talking about a very sensitive and egoistic topic called Feminism. Humanism is more than compassionate for fellow humans, humanism is more than helping someone. Humanism has a universe that does not need a god to explain it and after that what is feminism. 

The dictionary says the belief that women should have the same rights and opportunities as men. A lot of people have gotten feminism wrong!  It's not about superiority it is about equality. 

Let me know one thing you can be a humanist without being a feminist or not. Simply, no if you are a humanist then you are a feminist. If we see the definition for "Feminism" In simple terms, there shouldn’t be any injustice met out to either sex. They should be treated equally to those of men. 

But of late a new type of feminism is evolving which is rightly called pseudo feminism. Pseudo feminists hold a strong resolve to correct all the injustice done to women. Another form of pseudo feminism, according to me, is the feminism of convenience. The biggest example being: men paying for dates. 

I just want to say something that If we’re really as equal as women proclaim to then give me a response that why can’t a restaurant bill be split between the two of them? 

Let me tell you that the reason is simple-men are too egoistic to let a woman pay while if I talk about a few women, it miraculously becomes a man’s job to pay for the date or something other special events or time. 

💥Where, I ask these Feminists, does Feminism Vanish then?

Another stark example of pseudo feminism is the income tax slab being higher for women than it is for men. A woman earning till 3,00,000-3,50,000 is exempted from paying tax is what has been proposed by the government.

Here my question comes that if women are demanding equal rights then why don't the women demand to split bill payment why don't they ask the government that why are they exempted from paying taxes. 

No, they won't ask for such rights but would rather lash out at men and demean them. What they forget is the basic essence of the feminism movement: equality. it’s a crystal clear truth some men too are subjected to sexual crimes.

Men are mostly kidnapped and abducted for illegal sexual intercourse, forced marriages, prostitution, etc. Most of the men don’t report such crime for the fear of being ridiculed at, not being believed and instead of facing the charges themselves. 

You should know one thing, If true feminism was followed in reality, then we would treat all the victims equally. Victims wouldn't cease to be women or men, but just victims of abuse.

Another thing that humanism does not believe in any kind of god or supernatural force that will solve their problems, they believe that human beings must take sole responsibility for solving the world's environmental problems as well as sustainable existence. 

There are several principles that humanism shares, moral decencies, altruism, integrity, honesty, responsibility, truthfulness, ethics, Naturalistic and democracy. Modern humanism also includes science. 

So, as I said before, humanism is nothing but the needs and desires of humans and yes, it includes self-care also. 

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💬Contributed by: Jyoti Prabha Parida

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