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Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling: Honest Review of Harry Potter

Harry Potter (Film Series): 

I sat and read through 5 chapters in 15 minutes and there was no turning back!
Harry Potter Review

Today, we will discuss a very popular and awesome film series known as "Harry Potter". This series is literally my heart. I mean, I swear I’ve read this a thousand times!

No kidding!!

Like people the world over, my Harry Potter journey is also magical. My love for Harry Potter started when I was a teen. Believe it or not, I used to hate everything related to Harry Potter up until I was 16 years old.

Our school library teacher used to make us watch Harry Potter movies because it kept us quiet, but I sat and waited for that half an hour to get over because I hated the movies. I used to think that its total crap.

Then one day, getting bored in the school library, and nothing better to read, I picked up the nearest book while waiting for my friends to arrive. And what should it happen to be but The Philosopher’s Stone! I won’t lie, I was expecting to find the books boring and was prepared to hate them. But I was pleasantly surprised to find myself fall in love with it.

šŸ’„Once Upon a Time:

I sat and read through 5 chapters in 15 minutes and there was no turning back! I was intrigued enough to issue the book and take it home with me to read it and then I came back for the rest and that is how my interest for Harry Potter turned into full-blown love!

Now I’ve read the books, seen the movies, buy tons of merchandise related to Harry Potter and what not! I even write fan fiction. 
And now I can proudly say that I am a member of the Harry Potter fandom and I’m here to stay!

Alright so a little summary for the new readers like me who’ve yet to discover their inner Hermione or their love for this amazing series, the series starts with The Philosopher’s stone and has 7 books. The last book is The Deathly Hallows and it’s the end game of the series, for want of a better word.

This book follows the journey of a knobby-kneed, skinny, bespectacled boy who grows up to learn that he’s actually a wizard and not a human punching bag for his relatives and then he’s swished off to a magical world full of dangerous creatures and a snake faced man out to get him because of a prophecy. 

Then it follows his journey towards getting rid of the villain (as always happens) and then we see him live happily ever after with a wife and kids and his best friends with him. During this journey, he faces many hardships but he always manages to save the day.

Heroic and brave that he is, he is an extremely lovable character and he will cause all your maternal instincts to come out and your heart will ache to save this sweet, innocent and sassy character.

Now, this might be a children’s book but it will make you cry as it contains many deaths of the most lovable characters. So proceed with caution. It WILL make you weep. But it’s still the best book to grow with. And I recommend every parent to read this to their child and then read with them as they get old enough to read.

Harry Potter is not just a character or a book series. It is an emotion. A very strong one at that. People all over the world have emotional connections to the series. Whether it be from listening to them as bedtime stories from parents or siblings or from picking up the book when in need of distracting oneself from unpleasant situations, Harry Potter has been there for every single kid. 

Children and even adults, the dream of the wizarding world is real and Professor McGonagall coming to take them away to Hogwarts. Harry Potter is a symbol of hope, a world people turn to for comfort. And let me say it doesn’t disappoint.

I am emotionally connected to this book and its characters and I don’t think that it’s ever disappointed me or will ever disappoint me.

My favorite book out of the whole series is undoubtedly the order of the Phoenix even though it has a major character death. Which one is yours? Since giving out spoilers is a crime, no more spoilers. Read it yourself! (if you haven’t already, obviously.)

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