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Healthy Food Intake for Our Daily Lives: Is It Possible or Not

What are Foods to Avoid to Stay Healthy?:

 So don't let them play this Jedi mind trick on you.
Avoid Unhealthy Foods

Today, we will discuss the best and important topic which is related to your health as well as your life. What are the most fattening and harmful for health such as sneaky foods out there that are contributing to obesity and bad effect for your health? Which is your favorite sweet-salty meat carbs or coffee? 

There's another various food available here that claims to be fat-free as well as the diet version or the sugar-free version of that other food. But these are not foods that are going to help you lose weight. 

These are still processed foods that are loaded with empty calories and if for instance, it says it's the sugar-free version then they've replaced that sugar with fat and if it's the fat-free version then they've replaced that fat with sugar often times the diet or fat-free version of the other food is going to be even more harmful than the original food. 

💥Why is Junk Food Unhealthy?

It's trying to replace diet coke. For instance, it actually contains more caffeine than regular coke which I think is one reason why people get so addicted to it and many sugar-free foods often contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame which is actually known to be neurotoxic. So don't let them play this Jedi mind trick on you. 

You're smarter than that recognize that if it's junk food and there happens to be one that says diet or fat-free or whatever it's still junk food. It's still obesity causing food. It's still a food that you want to avoid. Hungry? 

So, tell me, why wait now,  actually, I like Snickers bars but in reality they really kind of ticked me off with this ad campaign which is telling a hungry person to reach for a candy bar is just plain cruel. 

Actually, these types are items contains tons of sugar tons of empty calories that are basically going to turn straight into a collection of fat but they're also going to fee feeling even more hungry shortly after eating it. So every time we eat the food we add sugar to our blood and when we eat a lot of sugar and add a lot of sugar to our blood all at once we get a blood sugar spike. 

So when we are putting sugar into our blood by eating food insulin is released and insulin is a fat-storage hormone. So every time I say the words blood sugar spike you can just equate that with storing fat and then another thing about the blood sugar spike is that as it falls and gets lower. It's going to result in more hunger again. 

So you're going to be feeling hungry or you're going to be feeling Moody even as soon as that blood sugar spike kind of starts moving down. In that case, if we want to satisfy a sweet tooth for chocolate, I like to eat dark chocolate it usually has a lot less sugar in it and with just a little of bites you can satisfy that craving for chocolate taste, after that if you're having a craving for a tangy candy then, in that case, I would recommend that you actually reach for a fruit which will be more healthy for you. 

The foods that those candies are basically more chemically altered to taste like when you're going to eat fruit. There is no doubt, Fruit contains a lot of fiber and vitamins so even though there is sugar in the fruit the fiber in that fruit basically helps to kind of mellow out the effect on your blood sugar and will be responsible for your positive health. So rather than getting a really intense blood sugar spike like you just ate a teaspoon of sugar. 

another thing's that It's a more leveled out so basically it's going to sustain you for a long time keeping you fuller, energetic, longer and it's not going to result in you feeling hungrier which is really good for your health. Shortly after eating it and if you're hungry I would recommend that you don't reach for something sweet, reach for a snack like nuts or trail mix or just go ahead and eat a meal. 

The dangers of processed meats but they are also obesity causing food you should recognize that most conventionally farmed animals are purposefully fattened up with a grain diet. 

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