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Keanu Reeves: Wedding bells ring | It was a truth or Just Rumour

Wedding Bells Ring:

Just the amount of stuff you have to do before you're dead.
Keanu Reeves Marriage
Today, we will talk about a very famous celebrity in Hollywood, as we know that before few months, most people were saying that Keanu Reeves will marry a special girl. Let's talk about it was true or just a rumor.

Keanu Reeves, often termed the nicest guy in Hollywood, has been one of their most eligible bachelors. His singlehood is what confuses most because knowing the type of guy he is and the love people bear him, it is difficult to believe that girls don't swoon over him. So what's the reason then?

Though it is said, he may technically be married. To whom you ask? His co-star in The Guardian Winona Ryder. In the film, their characters were married and they had called a real priest to perform the ceremony with all the formalities. Ryder used to send him a “Hello, husband” text every once in a while as a joke. 

“I didn’t really believe her, and then Francis Ford Coppola, the director of Dracula, contacted Winona and said publicly that, yeah, that really happened, the priest did a full ceremony, and Winona and I got married,” Reeves added.

💥He fell in Love:

Keanu Reeves had fallen in love with Jennifer Syme and the couple was expecting their baby, but their baby Ava Archer Syme Reeves was stillborn. It strained their relations and caused a break up several weeks later.  On April 2, 2001, Jennifer sideswiped three cars and the accident caused her instant death. 

Police found prescription drugs in her car reportedly she was being treated for depression. It is said that "White powdery substance" and prescribed antidepressants were found in Syme's car. It is alleged Syme had trouble dealing with her grief and was being treated for depression.
This sad tragedy may be the reason why he said, "Grief changes shape, but it never ends. People have a misconception that you can deal with it and say, 'It's gone, and I'm better.' They're actually wrong. It totally depends on you, When the people you love are gone, you're alone." 

But even after repeated statements from him like these "It's too late. It's over. I'm 52. I'm not going to have any kids," "Aging. I'm just starting to get better at it. Just the amount of stuff you have to do before you're dead. …It's just, 'Oh my God. OK. 

Where did the time go? How come things are changing? How much time do I have left? What didn't I do?", his fans are still awaiting his marriage with bated breath because they love his characters.             

💥Any Valid Reasons:

Probably because of the goodwill he has earned through his good deeds such as gifting Harley Davidsons to the stunt crew of The Matrix to giving up his seat in the subway to giving up part of his claim to a share of the profits of the movies so more money could be set aside for the costume department and special effects department. 

Keanu Reeves admitted to having a crush on Sandra Bullock when they had starred together in the 1994 movie speed. Netizens fangirl over their relationship and keep shipping them both though they know that Sandra is already in a relationship.

Another major reason why fans speculate about his marriage is that he was seen on a romantic Italian dinner date with a mystery woman in 2018 and he was 'smiling ear to ear' on the way to the date. Reeves was also linked to model-actress China Chow in 2008.

Another incident that gives fuel to the speculations is when asked about what love means to him, Reeves replied, "You mean romantic love? You know, I'm the lonely guy. I don't have anyone in my life. But if it does occur, I would respect and love the other person; hopefully, it'll happen for me."

While posing for the shutterbugs in LACMA Art + Film Gala red carpet, he held hands with L.A. artist Alexandra Grant which set tongues wagging. While some netizens praised him for dating an age-appropriate girlfriend others pointed out that there is a 9 year age gap between them. 

They had first collaborated for Keanu's book Ode to Happiness back in 2011. Alexandra responded to the marriage rumors saying that she was now only focused on the relationship and dodged questions regarding marriage.

Till Keanu Reeves marries, all middle-aged women will be holding their breaths. Netizens await the marriage of this stalwart who has redefined courtesy, kindness and the factors that determine a gentleman. Hope is the last thing we lose so his fans have their fingers crossed.

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