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Social Media: Boon or Bane | What's Your Opinion for Social Media

Impact of Social Media:

It only provides fodder for fame to the Kardashians is how social media is described.
Social Media
Today, we will talk about a very trending and genuine addiction for us which is Social Media. The greatest menace of the 21st cent isn't crack but social media which is as addictive if not more. You get sucked into it and once you are in it this quicksand just keeps on drowning you. One of the more important functions of social media other than connecting people is to raise awareness about various burning issues. And it's success in this field is debatable. Social media is synonymous with ruthless trolling, fake news, brainwashing, addiction to selfies and vanity. It is said that it has only limited practical influence and can hardly cause any good revolution. It only provides fodder for fame to the Kardashians is how social media is described. The clickbait makes people concerned only with "Prince Harry and Meghan Markle updates" or "Taimur Ali pictures" or "Who wore what" distracting them from the real issues. In this age of instant gratification, social media with its instant likes makes you feel as if the virtual world is the real world. We know of so many people who have a different social media presence and an entirely different personality in real life.

💥Few Opinion:

Some say social media particularly Twitter is a platform for common people to make their voices heard. The #MeToo movement was mostly fuelled due to social media. Hundreds of women in India and actresses of Hollywood could share their spine chilling incidents to the world and perpetrators like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey were brought to the book. In an era where the people in power are trying to clamp down on free speech, social media has kind of been the mouthpiece of these activists and political satirists. It provides an uncensorable platform which is free from the usual censorship glitches that come with T.V. Awareness about Gun laws, North Korean regime, political discrimination, climate change have all been made possible through social media and its immense power to make the content "viral". But if there is a Kardashian there is also a Greta Thunberg benefiting from social media.

💥Use for People:

Many people share their views with the world through this window. Concepts of racism, that beauty doesn't equal fairness alone and sexism like "women are made for kitchens" are now being put under the scanner and scrutinized for its derogatory nature.
Social media has been a great catalyst for sensitizing people towards these concepts and fuelling social change. Earlier, celebrities could hardly ever present their side of the story and their character was subject to media speculations. Now with Instagram posts and Twitter threads, people can post their side of the story and what emotions they went through during that experience. Social media has resulted in increased empathy and I'm not talking about the trolls but among the general public, there is more empathy towards people going through depression or eating disorders. Social media has also led to greater connectivity between celebs and their fans. It has removed the tag "star" and made them accessible. Social media's wide reach has also helped in fundraising and petition signing. Websites like Patreon and Change. Org thrives due to social media. We can mobilize people and organize cleanliness drives and even protests. The democratization of the internet has only boosted the power of social media and extended its reach and impact. It has connected rural India to urban India. Social media has also given the LGBTQ community its distinct voice with greater and better representation.
The memes and posts sometimes tell you a story that hit you hard. Memes are the collective consciousness of a society. Sometimes describing a racial incident that hurt them or describing how male toxicity has ruined them. How it made them believe actually, there are few things which are so important for you that "Boys don't cry" or ridiculing someone when they are scared with "Be a man" or stigmatized homosexuality. Many people come out with their stories of how they were bullied or shamed or ostracized or wronged which helps us to start conversations that were otherwise taboo and sensitizes people who might otherwise have not known about it. Actually, Teens talk about a very important and sensitive topic "Mental health", "Importance of asking help", " Discrimination" and "Substance Abuse" on social media. Social media may not bring a revolution but it helps to start much-needed conversations leading to greater awareness and changing regressive attitudes.

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