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The Best Phones for 2020: You Would Like It

Upcoming Mobile Phones:

There is a 50x digital zoom 5x optical zoom auto flash face detection touch.
Best Phones for 2020 

Today, we will discuss a few special mobile phones which are coming in this year and those will really interest in very specific and awesome features. 2019 was a year of innovative smartphone and in 2020 we will get to see more innovative smartphones with multiple cameras in-display cameras, waterfall displays, and many innovative features.

Let’s see about the upcoming smartphones. Let’s start with mi note.

💥Mi Note:

Basically, Mi Note intro is the good product and it is the upcoming flagship from mi sporting. Penta cameras mi note 10 Pro is powered by Snapdragon 730 G. Powerful chipset coupled with 8gb of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage.

You will get few specific and helpful feature in this phone such as 6.47 inch of AMOLED display with Full HD plus resolution on the camera, another thing is that front the bars get a 32 MP of front beautiful selfie camera.

The rear is a Penta camera which is of one, not an 8mp primary sensor plus 5 MP plus 12 MP plus 20 MP to take amazing pictures. There is a 50x digital zoom 5x optical zoom auto flash face detection touch. 

2 Focus Features this phone packs of 5260 maH of the huge battery comes with the fast charging sub-code.

💥Motorola MOTO Razer:

As we know that there are many people who love the product of Motorola, In this phone, you will get the most anticipated vertically foldable as well as good looking with finishing touchscreen phone from Motorola MOTO Razer 2019 has been launched and  Now it's available for purchase worldwide. 

This phone is basically powered by snapdragon 710 coupled processor with 6 GB of RAM as well as 128 GB of internal storage. We can expand this storage on the basis of your requirement.

This phone is having a 6.2 inch of  AMOLED display comes with an aspect ratio of 21:9 and screen to body ratio of 70.9% on the camera front. The buyers get a 5mp front-facing camera and there is a 16 MP of the rear camera that comes with features like digital zoom auto flash face detection and touch.

To focus this phone packs are 2510 image of a battery and comes with fast charging support. The cost of this phone is very high which is approximately 1500 to 1600 dollars and one lakh Indian rupees. 

💥Xiaomi Redmi K30:

This product is not officially announced yet but Xiaomi has confirmed that k 30 series launched in the month of 2020. We have some leaked information and rumors regarding this phone, so Xiaomi Redmi k 30 will be powered by snapdragon 730 g coupled with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage.

This phone will have a 6.4 inch of AMOLED display with Full HD plus resolution. We are expecting that this phone may come with the waterfall display coming to the camera. This one will have a triple rear camera of 64mph sensor plus 16 MP plus 8 MP and will also sport a pop-up 24mp or front camera coming to the battery. 

This phone will have a 4000 final image of the battery comes with fast charging support up to 40-watt fast charging. The price and other details have not been revealed but we are expecting that this phone will come with a price range of $400 in the international market and 24 to 26 thousand in India. 

💥Samsung Galaxy S Levin Series:

It is confirmed that Samsung is going to launch Samsung galaxy s4 official 2012 an expected date is February 25, 2020. Samsung Galaxy S 11 will be powered by the Samsung Exynos 9 octa-core processor coupled with 8gb of RAM and comes in a variant of 256 GB and 128 GB inbuilt storage.

This phone will sport a 6.7 inch dynamic AMOLED display that causes an amazing display experience.

Coming to the camera section this phone will have a triple rear camera sporting one, not an 8mp primary sensor plus 13 MP plus 8mp of other sensors on the front it will have a dual selfie camera, both cameras will work together to click awesome picture and selfie for you.

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