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What Happened After World War?: You Should Know The Truth

After World War:

The United States was located far away from these traditional European superpowers.
After World War
Today, we will discuss a few interesting facts about a world war, you should know this" what happened after world war. No one would have believed that the United States of America would ever become a country of any significance 2 years ago. 

The U.S. was a troubled colony of the British Empire. It was torn apart by domestic controversies over slavery. Later that century resulting in a devastating civil war. In 1800 the United States had a small population of about five million and a tiny army. 

The United Kingdom and Spain, for example, both had populations of over 10 million. Germany had about 20 million and France was close to 30 million. The United States was located far away from these traditional European superpowers. 

Back then there was no reason to believe that the United States of America would possess an abundance of relevant natural resources because for example coal and oil had no meaning to society yet gold did but it wasn't discovered yet on a large scale in the United States. Back then the United States was on nobody shortlist of superpowers in the making. 

💥Negative Effects of World War:

It took the discovery of oil and gold and the ending of a  civil war to lead the United States to an impressive growth of its population and economy and only then when Europe was destroyed by World War 1, the US could rise to stardom and develop into a true world-leading nation. 

Soon after World War 1, the Soviet Union started developing too in a remarkable way as a military and economic powerhouse. When Europe was even more shattered after World War 2 the global balance of power had turned into a rather static bipolar situation. 

With u.s. on one side and the Soviet Union on the other side it was once feared in u.s. that Japan would take over the role of the leading global power with a lack of military options and the crush of the Japanese economy in the 1990s shattered that ambition for Japan for the long-term. Then China came along with its ever-growing economy and it's military getting stronger every day. 

So now there is a troika of superpowers dominating international affairs Russia, China and the United States of America. I would like to add India to that shortlist of superpowers and make a prediction the power of India will grow for the next decades and it will grow faster than the other three superpowers. 

Basically, One day, I think around the year 2050 the time will arrive that India is the most powerful nation in the world. This is not a joke. Some people will criticize the idea of India becoming the most powerful country in the world. India has an army with an active military of 1.4 million personnel. India has the second-largest army in the world. 

Only China has a larger number of military personnel. The American army is smaller than the Indian army and now, of course, the number of personnel does not reflect the actual firepower or the capability of starting a war of a country but when looking at more military data India shows to be an impressive military power in many ways. 

When it comes to military aircraft India is the number four in the world with around 1,100 fighter jets and when it comes to battle tanks India is the number six in the world with around four and a half thousand units.

So no matter how you look at this India is one of the largest and most powerful armies in the world and their army is even growing bigger and bigger shortly.

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