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Will India Dominate the World in 2050?: Is It Possible or Not

India Will Dominates the World in 205? 

it's economic model revolves around the free market system.
India Vs World
Today, we are going to discuss a few important future expectations, which is about our country. ICT  is another reason that gives India an advantage over China. China has been specialized in traditional industrial economic activities very well.

The Chinese economy has a significant focus on manufacturing physical products and creating buildings and infrastructure. We wouldn't want to say that manufacturing and building are not innovative industries which they are but India made another choice in its economic focus.

India decided a long time ago it wanted to be the world's largest supplier of entertainment and ICT and it's on schedule to complete that mission. The Mumbai area is home to the largest movie industry in the world and the Bangalore area is now the second-largest outlet of ICT companies in the world.

It's predicted that Bangalore will even become bigger than the actual Silicon Valley area in California. By making these choices and fulfilling these ambitions India is perhaps more equipped for future economic renewal than China is.

💥India as an Emerging Superpower:

Freedom another reason that gives India an advantage over China is freedom. India is the world's largest democracy. China is not a democracy and doesn't want to be one. Although of course, India struggles with poverty, corruption, and injustice it still is a democracy and it's economic model revolves around the free market system.

Seeing from that perspective India is more likely to follow in the footsteps of the United States and China does. That might be one of the reasons why India's economic growth rate is now overtaking China's growth rate.

Imagine all of the people of India eventually becoming as wealthy as Americans. It would mean that the Indian economy would be very similar to the American economy. However, there will be four times bigger.

The underdog what countries have been global superpowers for the past five thousand years? A few of them are Egypt, Greece, Italy, France, Spain, The United Kingdom, The United States, Russia and now China. To be honest, China is sort of repricing and reinstating its former position.

China has always been one of the most powerful countries in the world but for the past century it has stood in the shadows of the United States and now it's waking up again and restoring its superpower status but India no not India.

India is not in the shortlist of future superpowers that will dominate the world. Only very few people believe in this scenario. India is the underdog. India is often and mostly the undervalued and underappreciated country that many people associate with poverty and corruption. Therefore the focus of countries like the US and China is on each other.

The US and China are trying to compete and outdo each other constantly. Just to make sure they have an advantage over the other and up to now they haven't seen India as a serious competitor for world leadership and they won't be seeing that for the next 10 years and that is exactly what India needs to quietly grow its economy, modernize its society and to gain military strength.

Up to a point where India will be the number three in the world in the year 2025 and then India will be far too big for the US and China to turn the tables and then India will be well on its way to world domination.

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💬Contributed by: Maria Jovita Vaz

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