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Will India Rule the World in Future?: Is It Possible or Not

India will Rule the World?

The USA has a much larger GDP than India but its growth is much less than India.
India will Rule the World
Today, we will talk about the power of India and we will try to get the answer to these questions " will India rule the world".Only selected nine countries in the world are known to possess nuclear weapons. Or they are suspected of having nuclear weapons. India is one of them. This is the wild card in the game of world domination.

It can highly advantage the position of a country in any international conflict. No country messes with a country that possesses nuclear warheads and the select few who own them are among the most dominant nations in the world.

Economic growth in the current GDP of a country determines an important part of today's power of a country. High economic growth, however, determines an important part of the future power of countries. India is one of the very select few who have both a large current GDP combined with a very high growth rate of that GDP.

đź’ĄFuture of India:

The USA has a much larger GDP than India but its growth is much less than India. Only China and India create this special league of countries with both a top ten position in the list of largest GPS in the world combined with an annual economic growth of no less than seven percent.

It's precisely the already large size of the Indian economy combined with its huge economic growth that lifts its status into the superpower stardom. Because of the huge population in India, everything happens in a big manner but it can go either way.

If a crisis would emerge in India for example in employment even on 1% decline of jobs would have grave consequences. The Indian workforce consists of over 500 million people. If their employment would decline with only 1% that would mean that more than 5 million people would lose their jobs.

When it comes to for example building large scale infrastructure, India can leverage its huge population to get any job done its supply of manpower is virtually endless. Just like China and India is capable of building huge projects that no other country could pull off.

 Population growth, now China too is a huge army a huge population of nuclear weapons and China have very high economic growth. So based upon this one could argue that the future power of India and China would develop for the same kind of pattern.

With the big difference that China has a huge lead making it practically impossible for India to ever come close to the dominant position that China has but there are big differences between India and China that give India significant advantages. One of them is the population growth although with current populations of China and India are close to being the same the Indian population growth is much higher than the population growth in China.

The current Indian population growth is about 1.2 percent per year. Population growth in China is just under 0.5%. Making the difference in population growth 0.7 percent per year because of the previous argument being the huge scale of India, a zero point 7 percent difference in population growth is huge but the difference is going to be even bigger.

United Nations predicts that the population of China will start to decline as of 2020 the population of India, however, is predicted to grow for the next 50 years in 2030 according to the United Nations. The Indian population will outrank China by 112 million people that's the entire population of Germany and Canada combined.

In 2040 the difference in population between India and China has grown to 239 million people that's the entire population of Germany, Canada and Japan combined. In 2050 the Indian population will be the Chinese by 357 million that is the entire population of Germany, Canada, Japan, France, Australia, and North Korea combined.

So again that's not the size of India it's only how much bigger India will be than China so the coming decades India's population is likely to get much larger than China's leveraging its economy of the military to an unprecedented scale that has never been seen before on this planet.

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đź’¬Contributed by: Maria Jovita Vaz

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