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How to Publish a Book and Earn Money: A Guide to Self-Publishing

How to Publish Your Book?

A Guide to Self-Publishing

Today, we will talk a proper way to publish your books, Are you a writer or do you want to publish your own book? Let's know about the easy way. There are many ways to get yourself published. The most common ones though are self-publishing and traditional publishing. Both are very popular amongst contemporary authors.

But if statistics and research are to be believed, it is self-publishing that is more popular out of the two methods. About 97%of contemporary authors go for self-publishing with about 3% preferring to go the traditional way. The reason for this is very simple; self-publishing is quicker and easier than traditional publishing.

When you are interested in getting your book published, the choice of publisher and the method of publishing are the most important things to consider and the most difficult to choose from. In today’s blog, I hope to help any new authors easily decide between their choice of publisher and the way to go about it.

💥Self-Publishing vs Traditional:

There is just one difference between these two processes and that is of the rights and royalties. If the author owns the rights and royalties, the book is self-published. And if the publishing company owns the rights and royalties, it is traditionally published. 

New authors are now preferring to forego the traditional publishing and opting instead to get self-published because it is much more profitable. Self-publishing is not without its disadvantages though, mainly that most self-published books don’t sell more than a few copies. 

These require a vigorous marketing plan and effort. Since there is no quality control and there are no barriers to publishing, literally anyone can get published so the quality of these books also varies considerably.

But that is not to say that this method does not have any advantages. The main one is that the author gets to retain a much higher share of rights and royalties than through the traditional model of publishing. It is also very hard to get a good deal on traditional publishing, very few people actually get approved. 

So self-publishing is much more suitable for new authors and business owners and other people who can’t really afford such expensive deals. Usually, you have to pay for while self-publishing, but there are different publishing packages and there are free of cost packages too but with the only downside that their distributions are not international.

Self-publishing is very easy. I am a self-published author and I found the process really easy then to go the traditional way and sit and wait for a year to get the approval of my manuscript from a publisher. All I had to do, was to prepare my book. 

After that, I had to type out the manuscript and submit it along with a cover design. All this I had to do myself and did not need help from any agents or some professional team. And then had to wait for a few days while my book was waiting for approval. 

I must say, the process was a breeze. It was really easy and it didn’t cost me anything since I used the free package. But like I said above, this also had a disadvantage that my book is not internationally available. But within a month of it being approved, it was on online stores like Flipkart and Amazon. 

When you self-publish, your books are distributed through the website of the publisher you choose along with any other online websites that sell books and are included with your chosen package. I published through Notionpress

Notionpress has a website you can use to avail of the self-publishing facility. And I heavily recommend beginners to choose this publisher for their first book as my experience was extremely stellar and I experienced no hassles whilst getting my book published.

The author does have to undergo vigorous marketing and advertising scheme. So be prepared for that as if you self-publish, this aspect of the book is your responsibility. How successful your book depends on your marketing routine. It's not that difficult. 

The easiest ways are to contact book blogs and Instagram pages dedicated to reviewing books. You might have to pay for every review but you also get a major benefit that is publicity for your book. Getting published is only the first step. 

After that, you need to put in the effort and your time to make sure your book is successful and famous. But then, the effort is required in every field, is it not? With that, I’d like to end by wishing all future authors success on their books. 

Don’t lose heart and keep at it. You will get your due. And whichever route you choose to go in regards to publishing, you will gain a lot during the endeavor.

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