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The Best 5 Police Procedural Shows You Need to Watch: Hurry Up!

5 Police Procedural Shows:

You Need to Watch: Hurry Up!
Police Procedural Shows

Today, we will discuss special TV shows, which are really amazing and you should watch this. Did you not understand the title? Haven’t heard of ‘Police Procedural’ as a genre? Or maybe you know exactly what it is and are here for the recommendations?

Well, don’t fret. This article has a little bit for everyone. If you are here to learn what Police Procedural is, I will be telling you about that and if you’re just here for the recommendations, well just scroll down a little bit and you’ll find them.

Now, Police Procedural is also simply called, Police Crime Drama and it is a subgenre of procedural drama and detective fiction. It focuses on the investigative procedures of police officers and their departments as the protagonist(s) as opposed to a show of genres that focus on Private Detectives or characters who are targets of investigations.

Now, these shows work in majorly two different ways. One is that they may not reveal the criminal’s identity until the case is solved in the narrative climax ( this is called as a whodunit) and the other way is that some shows reveal the identity of the perpetrators (sometimes just called a perp) and therefore, making it an inverted detective story.

Despite whatever plot style the show has, the main or defining element of such shows is the attempt at showing the profession of law enforcement as accurately as possible. And this includes all police-related topics such as autopsies, forensic sciences, evidence gathering, interrogation, and the adherence to strict procedures and legal restrictions.

These types of shows are actually hugely popular with audiences of all ages and nationalities.  Almost every country has at least one show from this genre running on tv. People enjoy these shows a lot. Including me.

So below, I have compiled a list of the five best police crime drama shows that you need to watch at least once in your life. Now some of these shows I personally love and when you watch it, you will realize why. So, get watching these right now!

1. The Mentalist:

The Mentalist is an American Drama and it ran from 23 September 2008 until 18 February 2015. It premiered seven seasons and had 151 episodes. It ran on CBS. It came on star world too and is now available on Amazon Prime.

It is a serious drama with bits of comedy courtesy of Patrick Jane’s disregard for rules and problems with following orders. The show revolves around Patrick Jane who is a consultant with CBI and his boss, Teresa Lisbon, who tolerates him because of his ability to close cases in as little time possible.

The show is a must-watch and it is my personal recommendation. It is entertaining and you might be able to pick up a few handy pointers to become more observational to your surroundings.

2. Castle:

It is an American Crime-comedy-drama and it aired on ABC for eight seasons. It started on March 9, 2009, and ended on 16 May 2016. It was produced by Beacon Pictures and ABC Studios. It traces the lives of Richard Castle who is a best selling mystery novelist and Kate Beckett who is a homicide detective as they solve crimes in New York City.

Beckett is initially not on board with the idea of working with a writer and goes to huge troubles to keep him out of her wat but the two develop feelings for each other. This series is pretty much the same as The Mentalist, even though I find The Mentalist better than Castle a little bit.

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine:

Now, this is an addicting show. I am telling you, you would not be able to resist watching all seven seasons of the series, it is that good. It is also an American series and it is a sitcom. So whilst it is a police crime drama, it is not as serious as the other shows in this list.

It is almost as funny as friends. It revolves around Jake Peralta who is an immature but very talented detective in the NYPD and who often has conflicts with the new commanding officer before finally winning him over and he is more tolerable of his ways. The show has an ensemble cast and it has more than one main lead.

The squad consists of Detectives Rosa Diaz, Charles Boyle, Amy Santiago, Jake Peralta, Norm Scully, and Michael Hitchcock, Captain Holt, and Sergeant Terry Jeffords. The show just premiered its seventh season and has been renewed for an eighth season.

4. Law and Order:

It is a franchise and consists of a lot of related American Drama series. It features both, a police investigation of the crime as well as the prosecution of the case by the New York County District Attorney, the first thirty minutes of the show features a lead detective trio and the second thirty minutes shows their legal counterparts. This show has a really huge fan following all over the world. the finale aired on May 24, 2010.

5. NCIS:

Naval Criminal Investigative Service is the full form and it is a media franchise of American television programs and is currently broadcast to CBS. It deals with military-related crime investigation which is based on the Naval Criminal Investigative Service of the US Department of the Navy.

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